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Winning The Interview

In a time of constant change, staying competitive is more crucial than ever before.  Whether you are a candidate competing for a position or an employer trying to identify top talent, it’s important to remember that the evaluation process swings both ways.  Always be cognizant of your competition no matter which side you are on.

Candidates are focused on…

  • Is the company planned and organized?  Have they provided a detailed agenda?
  • Is the company environment professional and inviting?
  • Did their interview team conduct themselves professionally?
  • Was I greeted at the door and escorted around the office with each meeting?
  • Did I feel like the company was rushing through my interview?
  • Did the company provide strong selling points about their organization and culture?
  • How stable is the organization given current market conditions?
  • What long-term growth opportunities can the company offer me?
  • Do they provide their employees a solid health benefits plan?
  • Has this company been timely with feedback on my resume and all interviews up to this point?

Employers are focused on…

  • Did the candidate arrive on time and was their attire professional?
  • Did they research our organization and ask solid questions?
  • Did they have strong communication skills and answer the questions completely?
  • Does this candidate offer stability?
  • How strong is their career progression?
  • What motivated them to make these changes throughout their career?
  • What true value (Return On Investment) can this individual bring to our organization?
  • Is this candidate committed to making a timely decision if presented an offer?
  • Will this candidate be a strong match with our core values and company culture?