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Client FAQs

What recruitment services do you provide?

Our primary business is Executive Search, Contingency Search (Priority or Exclusive) and Project-Based Recruiting engagements. We can also conduct behavior-based testing, assist with formulation of Job Specifications and give reliable, market-specific salary guidelines.

What experience and salary level do you recruit for?

We recruit Executives and experienced Individual Contributors at most levels within our industry and functional disciplines. Our client list includes many of the world’s leading Corporations as well as emerging growth organizations. We have placed candidates at salaries which range from $100K to in excess of $300K per annum.

Can you handle a large recruitment project involving a number of vacancies?

Typically most of our search engagements are a matter of filling one or two positions. However, we have substantial experience in project managing and successfully delivering significantly larger projects.

Do you charge retainers?

Yes we do, but only Executive Search projects where there is a considerable amount of time and effort involved before we get to the stage of providing a shortlist of candidates for you to interview. Sometimes a recruitment project is cancelled due to a headcount freeze or other unforeseen circumstances. Although we invoice the majority of our fee on the candidate’s start date, we believe it is reasonable that we are partially compensated for the work we have undertaken over the course of several weeks or even months. Virtually every recruitment company that conducts executive search projects will charge retainers as good business practice and as a demonstration of their client’s commitment to their own projects.

Do you meet candidates before you send their CVs to us?

In the majority of cases, yes. We never feel comfortable arranging for you to meet with a candidate unless one of our Consultants has interviewed them face-to-face beforehand. However there are some instances where this is not possible. Perhaps they live some distance away or their CV may have arrived on the day you have requested our shortlist. On these occasions we will conduct a telephone interview to ascertain their relevance and interest and you will be informed of this.

Why has one of your search consultants asked to meet me to discuss our position specification?

There is far more to successful recruitment than merely matching a CV to a Job Specification. Often the most relevant candidate on paper turns out to the least favored after interview. Personality, presence, style, etc. are characteristics that do not appear on a CV. Since clients frequently talk about needing someone who fits their Company’s culture it can be vitally important to meet with the Hiring Manager to avoid a potential mismatch. It also enables you to feel confident that we understand your requirements.