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Service Offerings

Human Capital is a vital corporate resource.

Brandon Becker’s personalized talent acquisition services are dedicated to assisting you in building and retaining this capital. We are focused on minimizing your opportunity cost and maximizing your investment in us as a strategic business partner.

We look forward to assisting you in achieving your hiring objectives and in developing a complete recruitment strategy.

Retained Search

A refined process whereby we dedicate 100% of our search consultant & project management staff to the rapid identification of a shortlist of two or three screened, vetted and interested candidates to your specialized requirements. We provide the maximum quality of candidates after contacting an average of 80 to 100+ companies, offer candidate exclusivity–meaning a candidate will not be presented to any other clients during this time, full replacement guarantees, personality profile and testing (If required), videoconferencing and virtual project management capabilities. An upfront engagement fee is required to commence the search, the remainder of the fee is billed at the conclusion of the engagement .

Contingency Search

A search process whereby we allocate resources, time permitting, to our client needs. We research our available candidate network within relevant disciplines and work with you to identify two or three qualified and interested candidates. A percentage of the candidates first year compensation is due upon completion of the search project and a guarantee period is included. This category of search does not require a deposit therefore candidate shortlist delivery is not guaranteed as the case with retained search.